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  • Improve your command of Spanish by improving your written fluency. Whether you are applying for a job or making new friends, it is crucial to know how to write about your present and past experiences.

  • Our qualified teachers will guide you through the structures you need to compose a well-written narrative and gives you feedback on your writing.

  • You will review the Spanish tenses and gain a deeper understanding of their differences.

  •  You will review conjunctions, the subjunctive mood, and learn to add interest and depth to your writing.

  • Plus, you’ll learn how to proofread your own work, use a dictionary to your advantage, improve your descriptions, and vary sentence structure when writing.

  • You’ll apply your learning with short writing assignments, and quizzes during the course will help you gauge what you’re learning.

  • At the end of this course, you will be a more effective writer. You will also be better equipped to incorporate complex sentence structures and richer vocabulary into your conversations.

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