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Our Faculty

Our faculty consists of certified teachers with a big experience teaching foreign languages not only in Costa Rica but in the United States, their USA foreign languages curriculum knowledge is vast, hence it is widely used in the teaching- learning process.

Touch Idiomas has a team of well experienced and highly qualified faculty members who are dedicated to their profession. The highly motivated faculty encourages and inspires the students to put in their best and excel in their Spanish studies.

 The faculty strives to provide students language learning all round in communication, grammar and guides them in all academic fields.

 They are very professional in their approach, caring and have a very clear vision. Success of Touch Idiomas can be directly attributed to the dedication and high caliber of our faculty, besides the support staff and a very supportive administration team.

Faculty keeps updating themselves by periodically attending and conducting seminars, workshops and lectures. Development programs for the faculty are conducted during the semester breaks to refresh them with the latest teaching techniques and further improve upon the learning pedagogy.

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