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Bring your students to learn Spanish in Costa Rica.


Touch Idiomas, is a Spanish language school in Costa Rica, which offers several exciting programs of instruction in the Spanish language. Its short term immersion courses, Spanish in the rain forest and student exchanges --1 to 4 weeks--are very popular among visitors to the country.

A student exchange program, is a rich opportunity for understanding aspects of the culture from a country, being immersed in its everyday reality over a period of time. We offer this life changing unique opportunity for international students to come to our country and live with a previously selected family.

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The program consists of:

Visit of three weeks to a Costa Rican Community.

A minimum group of 15 to 20 maximum students will travel in the company of one or two teachers (chaperons) who will be responsible for coordinating the activities of students under their responsibility. Most of the coordination work rests on the teacher and Touch Idiomas.

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